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Cleveland Edition Monopoly Board Game

SKU 537271

Take a tour around the 216 in this official Cleveland, Ohio edition of Monopoly! The classic game has been remade to highlight the very best of "The Land" that you know and love. Roll the dice to journey around the board as you explore the base of the beloved Browns' touchdowns, the homeland of rock and roll, and unique neighborhoods like AsiaTown and Little Italy. Hitch a ride with the GCRTA to hit up Edgewater Beach and then zip on over to see some zebras at Cleveland Zoo. Pick up a pierogi across town, or go dine on some delicious pasta at Guarino's. Reach for the stars at the Great Lakes Science Center, or get closer to the Earth at Cleveland Botanical Garden. If your destination is Cleveland, there's no better game to show you the way than the Cleveland, Ohio edition of Monopoly.